Detailed Planning (2-12 weeks)  

•Actively involve implementers to make sure targets and tasks are engaging and do-able, measurable and challenging

•Develop specific project plans with roles, responsibilities, timelines, budgets
 •Time bound, motivating, measurable, visual and challenging
•Energizes and infuses technical, dry, logical work with colour, positive emotion, social connection and meaning
•Clarifies and communicates the ideal scenario and vision creatively
•Enables people to connect with ideas personally and see how they fit into the picture and what they can do to contribute, increasing ownership of actions and outcomes
•Deepens understanding and opens space for dialogue
•Makes intangible concepts more tangible and acceptable
•Enables peaceful issue exploration and expression
•Encourages a natural processing and letting go of the past
•Enables teams to “get it” in their whole being when active exercises are used
•Visual reminders anchor and focus groups long after sessions
•Tools connect, inspire, hold each other accountable and motivate
•Encourages each person to express more, increase self awareness, EQ, develop creative and communicative confidence, explore visual tools and methods in a safe, personal and team space
•Creativity can be an effective community builder and a kind of team “glue” between more intellectual and deadline driven activities


 Customised Change & Development Projects

Turnkey Project Management role
Group Training in facilitation, project management, conflict resolution, active listening, group dynamics, team development, 4 seasons, creativity, etc
1-on-1 coaching and on-the-job training and support for change interventions
Creativity tools
In-house Creativity Gym & teambuilding 

Project & Workshop Facilitation 


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Logical, left-brain, structured project management and business productivity tools

•Excel spreadsheets, MIS dashboard & measures
•Active workshops
•Whole body gets involved
•Warms up, energizes and wakes up dormant potential
•Creative, right-brain, organic communication and facilitated relationship building tools
•Vision and journey mapping in full colour, Power painting to open and focus
•Visualizations and active seeding, Visual Journaling and collaged Johari’s windows
•Game-storming exercises and visual maps
•Scope of Works, MS Project plans, GANTT charts