1. Upon approval of quotation, a 50% invoice will be submitted for payment to secure booking of the dates per phase of the project.

2. Full balance of payment per phase is due on presentation on invoice after the phase is complete.

3. ACTION INNOVATION CC is not VAT registered. Quotes exclude VAT.

4. Any special materials or direct costs in creating the business plan will be for the client’s account, such as printing, scanning, binding, etc.

5. Should you choose to take up the optional Power Painting workshop on Feb 11th, you will need to book and pay online on www.creativitygym.co.za and the amount will be deducted from your final invoice for the discovery phase.

6. The estimated hours and fees for the high level planning phase and detailed planning phases will be confirmed once the phase before each is completed.

7. You are welcome at any stage to complete the phase you are in and not continue with the services, for any reason whatsoever.

8. Any unexpected additional hours required on the project will be charged at R500 per hour.

9. This quotation is subject to change upon further information and instruction from your business after the discovery phase. A revised quotation will be forwarded to MKR for approval thereafter.