Clients and Testimonials

Michelle Jacobs has consistently worked with outstanding, significant clients, both organisations and individuals, since 1993:

Anglo American, ABSA, Avenge Group, Cambrient,    Cell C, CIDA City Campus, CNA Gallo, CNA, DT Systems, Finstruct, Hallmark Greeting Cards, Hewlett Packard,  iKineo, Investec, Kinekt, Liberty, Metropolitan,

NATIVE VML, Nedbank, Nedcor Investment Bank, Netsurit, Northern Medical Aid, Olivetti, Pick n Pay, Sanlam, SBSA, UBS, UCS, 

University of the North, Vodacom, VWV Interactive,

Wesbank First Auto, and X-Pert Project Management Services to name a few. 

Mike Campbell: HR Director - ex Cell C, now Africa & Middle East at Ranbaxy Laboratories

"Michelle demonstrated a level of maturity and breadth in her role at Cell C that exceeded the expectation of her remit.She is a professional individual with good insight into all aspects of the business which placed her well in terms of succeeding in the general management space.Her skills are not limited to the technical arena of corporate life. She is very intuitive and capable of delivering a strong persuasive agenda that has almost always captured the interest of collageus and her seniors at Cell C particularly at the Exco level.Michelle demonstrated a capability and maturity in her approach to work that exceeded her age. I have no doubt that corporate South Africa will be seeing more of Michelle!"

Here's what a few clients have had to say about working with ACT!ON INNOVATION 

Conflict resolution and team development facilitation -

"Michelle Jacobs took my team through an incredibly powerful process.  She gently guided us to uncover some of the hidden issues and unspoken emotions in the team and deal with them appropriately.   Her genius was taking us through creative processes, which at the time seemed fun and playful yet underlying each exercise was a fundamental pillar to our company being healthy, growing and thriving." 

-Donna McCallum, ex-MD iKineo

Facilitation, Training and Coaching -

"After hearing about Michelle and her training course for the past 9 years I was fortunate to experience this for myself earlier this year. I worked very closely with Michelle over a period of a couple of months defining and embedding skills for my newly formed project management team of 10. During the time Michelle ran 3 full day workshops, weekly hourly check-in meetings and one on one coaching for myself.

As a group we covered many skills including facilitation, emotional intelligence, project management and process. For myself management and leadership skills.

Michelle is very professional and meticulous in her planning. She brings an amazing energy to each session along with her creative mind which enables the team to express their learning's through colour, art and play. It is this creativity which taught me how to visualise problems and solutions on paper to share and engage with others.

The team training workshops lived up to my expectations with Michelle's high energy and passion which comes across not only in personality but in every carefully prepared detail of the sessions. The workshops were fun and colourful and every person was drawn out of their comfort zone to participate and learn. Over and above the key life skills that were trained, Michelle's vast knowledge of project management helped anchor everything we learned to on-the-job applications.

-  Danelle Stiles (nee Finaughty), Head of Project Management, NATIVE

"Some excellent pointers for facilitation.  Very well presented, well prepared and highly experienced to be able to illustrate" 

- Charissa, Senior X-Pert Project Facilitator

"Very, very informative. (I have) a lot more confidence and understanding of the facilitative roles" 

- Robert Rushworth, Project Planner

"Very informative. Leaves one with a different view of how one should be working"

 - Dennis Shortt, Director, UCS Group

"Worthwhile to be reminded about key issues plus exposed to new ones" 

- Tom Villet, DT Systems

"Michelle is a dynamic trainer/facilitator and skilled in achieving positive group dynamics" 

- Janice Warren, DT Systems

"Great facilitation, good content, value add. What can I say, Michelle is a master at her profession" 

- Leonard van Heerden, Project Manager, Nedbank

"Excellent! Beneficial to anyone in a position where often dealing with groups and conflict" 

- Grazi Valenti, I.S.

"Interesting, a lot of food for thought and something I will use professionally and personally" 

- Celia Loubser, I.S.

"Everyone should have this privilege" 

- Yvonne, E-POS Trainer, CNA

"Very valuable.  I would like to send my whole department and as many others as possible" 

- Suzette Esterhuyse, Manager

"Excellent skills to learn and practice in any facilitation environment" 

- Rodger Nicol, Analyst

"Eye opener! Once again I was forced out of my comfort zone" 

- Marike de Vletter, Staff and Team Development

"Covered a lot of really valuable things in a dynamic, enjoyable way" 

- Dana, Senior Facilitator, X-Pert Project Management Services

"I enjoyed it thoroughly and was interested through to the end.  This will certainly assist some of my current shortfalls" 

- Martin Nichols, Project Manager and Managing Director, DT Systems

"Good material - especially the personal profiles. Better understanding of myself and other's behaviour" 

- Cherie, Project Facilitator

"Well presented, concepts easy to understand.  Good process, warm fuzzy feeling" 

- Stella Ghisleni

"Very good. Interesting perspective of how the facilitator allows people to see solutions" 

- Michelle, Writer

"Easy to follow - great visual responses" 

- Denise Suskin

"Well presented, confined within agreed timeframes but without losing value" 

- Naas Ferreira, Project Manager

"Well integrated theory and practice" 

- Anonymous

"Extremely beneficial as it teaches new techniques in facilitation. A holistic approach to real-life facilitation experiences" 

- Anonymous, Project Facilitator

"Brilliant - the best in many years!" (Anonymous)

"Good and practical" 

- David, Senior Trainer, X-Pert Project Management Services

"Practical, energetic, fun.  Thanks Michelle, I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you!" 

- Phil, Project Planner

"Excellent - very satisfying and motivates a person" 

- Barry Daines, Project Planner, X-Pert Project Management Services

Organizational development project -

"The most rewarding part of this project was seeing the (240) staff work together as a team and feel a part of a family. Overall, the project is a very exciting one and can be taken further into the Corporate Industry" 

- Sherine Ivan, Project Leader, Wesbank First Auto

"The issue was the concepts' uniqueness and it was something very different.  It was a wonderful experience and well worth the money and effort.  I can strongly recommend such a project (adventure) to other corporates.  Our team really support this unique type of project and have found it to be a huge success." 

- Andrew Douglas Frey, ex-MD of Wesbank Auto

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More Testimonials

 3-6 month Coaching Programs

"Working with Michelle in a one on one coaching environment has been one of the most enriching experiences. Michelle has helped me define goals for my team and myself as a manager and week by week move towards achieving these. Michelle has an amazing talent of being able to visualise by using drawings and colours to really help me see each situation and only then be able to really understand  and move forward. With her support and guidance Michelle pushed me past my comfort zone into digging deep to finding solutions and then implementing them on a weekly basis and always coming back to reaffirm our goals, measures and future planning.  I can confidently say Michelle has changed me as a manager and in turn changed my team from average into something really special." 

Danelle Stiles (nee Finaughty), Head of Project Management, NATIVE

"I really enjoyed the session last week, it got me thinking and gave me the kick start I needed to get more momentum with my goals.  It was very interesting to hear aspects about myself I had never really chatted about or given much consideration.  I felt very motivated after the meeting and felt that I can go in any direction and be a success.  I am the ruler of my own destiny. Thanks for making this possible" 

Coaching Client, Anonymous

"Thanks a lot for this session! That was really great! You made me more confident than I was and I have now some few plans for my everyday life (starting with ... this week end!!!).  I really enjoyed the fact that I could speak about everything with you regarding my professional and personal life. You really took my background into consideration and comforted me with the idea that: I am adventurous! I am actually but it sounds normal to most of the people I have met.  From now till the next session, I will work on ... I will as well work on my main goal we talked about this morning! I am more and more excited of my new life.  I really appreciated your work: you are a really bright woman!!! With a pure soul!!! Please don’t change!
See you next month!" 

Coaching Client, Anonymous

"The session with you was absolutely wonderful and an eye opener. You are doing a great job, I have been taking my first steps towards my dreams (since our sessions).  You made me realise a lot about myself,  I was nervous when I walked in but you took that nervousness right out the window.  You have this thing about you that I can trust.  I normally keep things to myself but with you I can open up and lay it on the table, you always have a way forward, I’m utterly blown away by you!  Thank you and take care" 

- Coaching Client, Anonymous

"It was a really good session.  You touched on how I try and hide behind things like my mailbox and I thought I was doing really well hiding it. To be honest I need to find what I want out of life which will then give me the drive I’m looking for.  Too often I do things which look like I’m heading in the direction as I should be like doing what is expected, I have the std run of the mill items, money, job, family and sport but there are many underlying issues which also need to be addressed and resolved. I hang on to the past and know that I should just let it go.  So I believe we had a good session and look forward to uncovering some really good potential from me."  

Coaching client, Anonymous

"Thank you very much for today’s session, it was really good and I enjoyed it and I am happy. In general you’ve been an ambassador to my life and for that I thank you.  Hopefully we will keep in touch ." 

Coaching client, Anonymous